All About Transcendent Wellness

For the team at Transcendent Wellness, there is nothing like witnessing the transformation that takes place in our students when they become as passionate as we are about personal growth and transformation.   We believe each individual has an innate capacity to heal themselves and to realize their authentic self, their full potential, and to manifest their soul's purpose.  Transcendent Wellness is here to create the safety and support for that healing to occur at the mind, body, and soul levels.  We believe that the mind, body, and soul are inextricably interwoven; and that healing and growth must occur at all levels.

Michele Ruhmann offers a unique approach to therapeutic counseling services.   In addition to traditional counseling models, she offers somatic or body-centered approaches such as EMDR and bodywork.  These somatic approaches are vital as it supports the release of emotional tension and trauma from the body in support of the traditional therapeutic dialogue.

The Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions move beyond traditional massage techniques to address systemic muscular holding patterns.  These holding patterns are often the result of deeply held emotions and beliefs; and mental, emotional, and physical stress and traumas.

In addition to myofascial release techniques, therapeutic dialogue is utilized to support the awareness between the physical holding patterns and the emotions and beliefs creating those patterns.

Our yoga, barre, and meditation classes support individuals in moving into a deeper integration of the mind, body, and soul.   This integration is what we define as Transcendent Wellness.    Through this integration, we hope that each individual will develop a deeper relationship with their authentic self and manifest their soul's purpose.