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January 2025 Cohort

Teacher Training


At Transcendent Wellness, we believe that yoga is a powerful tool to bring clarity, understanding and balance to our lives. Our program consists of 200 hours of in-depth study, practice, and teaching. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, yogic philosophy, and the practical aspects of teaching yoga.  The program is also designed for individuals who want to deepen their understanding/experience of the yoga journey but may not currently have a desire to teach.

During our Christmas in July Sale, prepay your Yoga Teacher Training at a very significant savings. 


The tuition is normally, $2000, buy it now for $1200 (a savings of $800 or 40%)

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Unlimited Six Month Studio Membership

This is a special membership that will only be offered during our Christmas in July Sale.  Our Unlimited 6 Month Studio Membership includes unlimited studio classes (Barre, Meditation, & Yoga) for 6 months.


This membership represents tremendous value.  Our Unlimited Month To Month Studio Membership is currently $129 per month ($774 for 6 month).  By prepaying for 6 months, your cost is $499, a savings of $275 (35% discount).  If you attended class 3 times/week for 6 months, your cost per class would be $6.93 per class.

With this membership you will be set until January 2025.

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Studio Class

If you schedule is more eratic or if you prefer the simpicity of a class pack, our 50 Studio Class Pack is perfect for you.

This class pack is only being offered during our Christmas in July Sale and represents a tremendous valuel.  It includes 50 Studio Classes (Barre, Meditation, & Yoga) for $699.  The cost per class is $13.98 which is a savings of $11.02 (44%) off our Studio Drop In Class.

The classes expire one year from date of purchase, so use these classes at your discretion, 1 class per week fo 50 weeks, 2 class per week for 25 weeks, 3 classes per week for 17 weeks, or any combination there of.

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Transcendent Retreat

Sometimes we just need to take of ourselves.  Transcendent Wellness has designed the Transcendent Retreat Package to do just that.  The package is four uniquely curated therapeutic sessions designed to support you on your healing journey.  During your retreat, you will experience:

  • Myofascial Release Session (60 min) bodywork technique that involves applying gentle pressure and sustained stretching to the body's myofascial tissues to release restrictions

  • Reiki Healing Session  (60 min). Reiki is an energy healing technique, using gentle touch, to balance and restore the flow of the energetic body promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety.

  •  Somatic Emotional Coaching (60 min) - Develop a deeper awareness of your physical emotional holding patterns, how your mind and body are interconnected, and how to integrate your body, mind, spirit.

  • Ayurvedic Assessment & Consultation (30 min) - Ayurveda, an ancient healing system is based on the idea that disease is due to an imbalance or stress in a person's constitutions or Doshas.  In this consultation your Dosha will be assessed and recommendations for  diet, excercise, and lifestyle will be offered.

Our Christmas in July sale price is $249 or 33% off the regular price of $375.

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Myofascial Release Package

Our histories are often stored in our bodies in ways that we may be unaware of, and in ways that reflect the body’s deep intelligence about how to deal with the challenges life has brought us. Therapeutic Bodywork invites your body to open and release historical patterns, contractions, tension, and possibly trauma. Within this process of opening and releasing, space for more energy and aliveness is created, opening the mind and body to more choices of how to respond to life. With more choice, you have an opportunity to transform your life and show up in ways that serve you better. Our therapeutic bodywork is grounded in the tradition of John Barnes's Myofascial Release Therapy. Both Michele and Brian are Advance MFR Practitioners with over 60 years of bodywork experience between them.


​​During our Christmas In July Sale, you will receive 5 Myofascial Release sessions for $400, a savings of $225 (33%).


Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone is welcome to purchase the Christmas In July Sale - members and non-members alike!



The Christmas in July Sale is scheduled to run from Monday, July 1st, until Sunday, July 7th.   Each special has limited quantities, so buy early, while supplies last.


If you are on a current membership, you may purchase a pre-paid membership and replace your current membership (ie you will be released from your current term). Simply purchase the membership of your choice, then email us and we can adjust the start date to align with your current membership renewal date. Note that you can not be released from your current membership if you purchase a 50 Studio Class Pack - you can use it to “top up” your current membership, or hold onto it until your membership term is completed.



If you still have time left on an existing pre-paid membership and want to purchase another pre-paid membership, simply purchase your membership of choice, send us an email, and we can delay the start date to begin after your previous membership is complete.



You can delay your start date of your membership up to 3 months to use up current class packs or memberships. Please note payment is still required at time of purchase, and no holds or refunds are available.

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