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I learned about Transcendent Wellness when a friend invited me to a sunrise class in the gazebo at Union Point Park. I was immediately hooked! Brian was patient, caring, and helpful with my positions with my permission. The other instructors at sunrise yoga are amazing also. I signed up approximately 3 weeks ago and have been to the studio everyday since. I feel better than I have in years. The different classes are unique and wonderful, as are the instructors. They are caring, kind, patient and very experienced. I never feel rushed or uncomfortable during the sessions. I truly forget about anything and everything going on in my life while in class. It’s so calming and refreshing. Thank you Brian and Michele, owners of Transcendent Wellness and the awesome staff.


Michele’s Therapeutic Bodywork sessions enabled me to continue to pursue my career as a professional musician. I was told by a doctor I needed I needed Michele! She also was so supportive of me when I went through a terrible reaction to the antibiotic Cipro. People were thinking I was a mental case because the reaction didn’t start until 2 weeks after I finished the medication. Michele wrote a letter that was a major factor in my problem finally being diagnosed as a reaction to Cipro. On top of all her professional skills, she is a caring and wonderful person!


"Michele is a hardworking professional and friend to all. Anyone would just be so blessed to have her for counseling. "


Amanda led an amazing class this morning. Hands down my favorite class yet. I left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and peaceful. All the instructors are kind and welcoming. I would absolutely recommend Transcendent Wellness.


"Michele is dedicated to providing quality bodywork and counseling. Michele is able to smoothly address the trauma that affects the whole person in a very supportive environment. I love her work!"


In February my chiropractor had me start doing some stretches and exercises along with his adjustments and it really felt like some of the yoga I had it been exposed to 15 or so years ago when I caught a few classes with my wife I think at Gold's Gym but probably here nor there. Susie and I worked together in the Marine Corps so I was aware she was a yoga instructor which started a conversation asking if I could pop in sometime (she loved the idea) just to see what a yoga class would feel like because it really felt like my chiropractor had me doing yoga type stuff.


I started with a morning beginners class on Thursdays for half a dozen classes or so and then that class went away but she told me I was more than ready to go the Wednesday morning Gentle Flow and Stretching. This summer marks 10 years since I was forced out of the Marine Corps and probably once a year I've tried to jumpstart some sort of physical fitness regime and it always stars like a flash in the pan and fizzles out just as fast. A health coach I spoke with probably a year ago mentioned making small changes and let that become a habit before you add another small change so back in March I started taking one class a week with Susie and trying to add some at home stretching on my off days. I was very hard on myself initially because I wanted to compare myself to were my flexibility was 10 years ago in the Marine Corps and being upset with myself for not being there my first day in yoga fortunately Susie is an amazing yoga teacher and mentor and probably because of our friendship felt the ability to smack me upside the head "figuratively" and coach me to be present in where my flexibility was so we could build on it with the proper mindset. From March until just a couple weeks ago when we added the Veterans Yoga course into my practice I had added in more stretching at home, walking the dog, and some light work with my Bowflex again thinking back to the advice from that coach to slowly change things so it can become a better habit. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed yoga for veterans as of right now I'm getting private one-on-one instruction and because of the yoga relationship we've built up to this point we're able to do things that's different than the gentle flow class because of her knowledge of my abilities and it's been a lot of fun so far testing my limits and usually exceeding my initial reaction when she demonstrates. I literally laughed out loud and told her she was out of her mind when she demonstrated Pigeon but she looked at me she said I could do it and I trusted her faithfulness in my abilities. I actually went into it relatively easy on both sides and the next time we did it I was able to fold forward onto my forearms. It was that particular pose the first time that really jump started the positivity in my thinking towards my yoga progress. 



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